Frequently asked questions

See the frequently asked questions (FAQ) of MGP.

MisterGamePrice, what is it?

MisterGamePrice is a service of quotations for video games. Still, MGP is also the possibility of selling or purchasing games free of charge, of browsing for games by barcodes, of participating in games or even of downloading Argus in PDF format.

Which is the subscription fee and what does it entitle me to?

Checking the Argus database is free of charge but limited to one sheet per day and per person. Then, the subscription is of 24,90 euros per month or of 199 euros per year which would mean 16,90 euros per month. These subscriptions give you the possibility of browsing as long as you want Argus, and the free of charge retailing of your games and consoles

Argus : How does it work?

Argus is the reference for all sale or purchase of used video games.
The quotation of each game is calculated according to the analysis of the prices practiced on the second hand />

Why take a subscription?

MGP is a paid service which allows you the access to multiples advantages on the site

How to subscribe to Argus?

It is enough to go to the registration page or on the page with our offers and choose the monthly of yearly subscription.

Which are the accepted means of payment?

It is possible to pay by credit card directly on the site. Secured payment solution.
It is also possible to pay by paypal directly on the site if you have a paypal account.

How often is Argus updated?

The market is constantly under surveillance by our team and assures you an excellent reactivity. 4 persons are permanently monitoring the prices and in contact with partner shops.

How is this market monitored?

Our team checks the prices of about 50 shops and studies the prices on the online shop network, but also the prices practices on the auction sites.